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Nov 28th
The WfS Gaming Compendium

We spend a lot of time on the road. Here we drive, there we drive, everywhere we drive drive. Old MacDonald had a car. Three sentences in and I'm already rambling towards the phrase 'I digress.' Doesn't really bode well, does it?

As a result of all the time we spend driving in Napoleon, the band Citroen (because it's small, white, French, once invaded Russia, delete as applicable), we've developed a whole host of our own travel games since eye spy is crap at night when you're driving ("Beginning with N? Is it NIGHT by any chance? Yes? My go then"). It's crap in the daytime as well of course, but it's especially crap at night. We don't limit our games to the car however, and can often be found honing our skills at home. Also, anyone who has played in a band will know that large sections of your life are spent waiting for things to happen. Everything is preceded by a bit of a wait.

Arrive at venue: wait to set up.
Set up/sound check: wait to start playing.
Finish playing: wait until you can pack up.
Pack up: wait for Chris to reappear after sloping off to do whatever he can to avoid helping pack up.

So, for your gaming pleasure, and for filling in those little lost moments in life, we've come up with the Waiting for Susan Gaming Compendium. Please feel free to play any of the below, none of which have age restrictions (The eponymous 6 year old Isabel Susan is better at them than her mum). Please note there is a high irritation factor with most of these games as they are generally designed to really, really annoy someone. I have therefore given each one an irritation mark out of 10 in order to avoid fist fights amongst WfS gamers. Proceed at your own peril. I should probably write a proper disclaimer, but basically if you get hurt don't blame us.



The objective of Smells is simply to say someone's name and when they say "Yes?" or "What?" you say "Smells." It can of course be countered by saying the other person's name back to them when they say yours. This can also be played with three or more people where the objective becomes to make sure that you are saying other peoples names after yours has been said and before someone says "Smells." You have to then carefully avoid saying "Smells" yourself just after someone says your name. It's messy, but you're basically just trying to make sure no-one says that you smell, ok? Rach is crap at this game, and has even lost to Pritch by text (see below).



The objective of The Wheeey Game is to get whoever you are talking with to correct you. When they correct you you say "Wheeeeeeeey" (Pronounced 'way' in a long descending note, much like the cry that is heard at a football match from opposition fans when the striker puts one 20 feet over the bar). The target of The Wheeey Game can avoid the Wheeey by saying "Seriously?" to indicate they've rumbled you before saying anything else. If they question you rather than correct you it doesn't count.


CHRIS: "I don't think the bloke in the BMW in front knows where he's going."
RACH: "It's an Audi, not a BMW."
CHRIS: "Wheeeeeeey."
RACH: "Git."


CHRIS: "I don't think the bloke in the BMW in front knows where he's going."
RACH: "Seriously? It's an Audi, not a BMW."


As players become more familiar with The Wheeey Game they will inevitably be harder to 'get.' Some advanced techniques are indicated in the examples below, but I'm not telling you all of them in case you try and 'get' us with your own Wheeeys. Use your own imagination, slacker.

CHRIS: "I don't think the bloke in the BMW in front knows where he's going."
RACH: "Seriously? It's an Audi, not a BMW."
CHRIS: "I didn't say it was a BMW!"
RACH: "Yes you did!"
CHRIS: "Wheeeeeeey."
RACH: "Git."

RACH: (Sings) "I never thought I'd miss you quite as much as I do."
PRITCH: "It's half as much, not quite as much."
RACH: "Wheeeeey."
PRITCH: "Git."


Although this was first played with one of Isabel's smelly trainers that she'd being wearing on a hot day without socks, Sniffy Shoe can conceivably be played with any rancid item of footwear. The objective is to sneakily get the open part of the shoe over someone's nose, while simultaneously yelling "SNIFFY SHOE."

NOTE: This game should not continue past the point where Rachael starts crying.


The bloke in question looked very dodgy, and Pritch said that he didn't know his name, but he looked so dodgy that whatever his name was it was almost certainly preceded by the word 'Dodgy,' giving the example as Dodgy Mick. The objective of Dodgy Mick is to come up with a name that sounds least like it should follow the word Dodgy. Dodgy Eustace, for example, doesn't sound very dodgy. Dodgy Dave however sounds like the kind of b***ard who would steal from old women.

Micks should not be offended. Or Daves.

WHAT? 8/10

The objective of What? is to get the other person to repeat themselves as much as possible.

RACH: "I'm going out now, can you pick me up at 12:30?"
PRITCH: "What?"
RACH: "I said I'm going, can you pick me up at 12:30?"
PRITCH: "You what?!"
RACH: "I'm going out! Can you..... wait.... git."


Similar in some ways to Sniffy Shoe, Wallet Face is best played by either waiting until someone is looking the other way, or directing their attention elsewhere, so that when they turn back around you can tap them on the face with your wallet while shouting "WALLET FACE." The target will then reel backwards, shocked, in an amusing fashion. Care should be taken - remember the phrase 'Tap Don't Slap!' Wallet face can be played with any other object you so desire, substituting the word wallet with the name of the chosen object. Derivatives include Phone Face, Postit Face, iPad face (Tap Don't Slap!), and of course Purse Face (let's not be sexist, boys can play too...). WfS would strongly suggest that you don't play Guitar Face.


For Mum Bingo you will require at least one mum and a short car journey. The objective of Mum Bingo is to secretly predict what the mum will say during said journey. This works best if the mum in question is unaware of the game taking place, however this is not essential. When a player's phrase passes the lips of the mum that player will of course yell "BINGO!"

For best results this game should be played on an often repeated car journey, such as the one to school/work in a morning. You should also use a mum with a certain amount of predictable phrases, such as constantly commenting on the new Tescos that's being built nearby, saying "It's coming on" as you drive past.

Mums who tell their six year old daughters a phrase that they are definitely going to say during the journey so that said six year old daughter wins every day are clearly ruining the whole thing for everyone.

MUMNO 8/10

Mumno also requires a mum. Probably best to use the gullible one that you've got handy from the other games. The objective of Mumno is similar in some ways to What? In Mumno however you should simply blindly contradict something that the mum has just said, getting them to argue with you for as long as possible before they realise what's happening and say "I hate these stupid games you lot play!" or "I'm afraid to say bloody anything with you lot around."


The WfS Super Annoy is an amalgamation of all WfS games, targeted in one large, undiluted dose at any handy gullible mums you can find. Try it on for size and feel free to mix it up a little. Start with a bit of What? before moving on to The Wheeey Game and mixing in a bit of Mumno. Go mad with it and see what you can come up with. You might even score a Wiganese Hissy Fit - the ultimate result!


RACH: "I can't do that tonight mum as we have that gig at O'Neills."
MUM: "Your gig is tomorrow, not today."
RACH: "Wheeeeeeey."
MUM: "Oh, you always get me with that stupid game."
RACH: "What?"
MUM: "I said you always get me with that idiotic game."
RACH: "What?!"
MUM: "I said..... oh for pity's sake."
RACH: "I wasn't playing any of the games"
MUM: "Seriously? Yes you were."
RACH: "No I wasn't."
MUM: "Yes you were!"
RACH: "No I wasn't. And Wheeeeeey by the way."
MUM: "Oh good God, I'm afraid to say bloody anything with you lot around!"


Nov 15th
It would be lovely to have a normal gig one of these days where we just turn up, play that funky music and go home. That would be really nice. Instead we seem to be plagued by drugs, feinting and vomit. And beetroot.

The ever faithful Di (mother to the eponymous Susan) regularly trails the band as part time Roadie/Sound Engineer/Critic/Whooper and is generally responsible for ensuring that we never get that elusive 'normal' gig. Right now we can look back and laugh, but a few weeks ago we were playing a pub gig in Birmingham and something was slipped in her drink that laid waste to the straightforward 'play and go home' scenario. We'd actually finished our set and were packing up when it happened.

Now I know what the cynics amongst you will be thinking. I've often thought it myself when I've heard the old cry of "somebody spiked my drink last night. I was all over the place and I can't remember a thing. My head's pounding this morning." Yes, I think to myself, they spiked your glass with vodka. I saw the culprit in action. He was called 'The Barman' and you paid him to do it... about 20 times as I recall. These are the same sort of people who write dramatic and leading Facebook status updates waiting for people to ask them what it's all about. "Sarah Smith is sick of having to pick up the pieces." Bring on the tea and sympathy. Oh, and Sarah, be more careful when you're carrying the jigsaw.

This was the real deal however. Di was very suddenly very, VERY out of sorts. She was also ill for days afterwards. Not fun! Never accept a drink off strangers folks, like Di had earlier in the evening while we'd been playing and she'd got chatting to some nice people in the pub. And by nice I mean scum. Anyway, all's well that ends well and Di thankfully received no lasting damage.

Another night, another gig, another opportunity to have a normal evening, but we all know it's not going to happen now don't we? Something else we can look back and laugh at now but was fairly scary at the time. Q: What's 16 and collapses half way through Little Lion Man? A: A feinting Rachael. It was a damn cold night that night, which is probably why the pub had the heating on full blast. The unfortunate side effect was that as everyone piled in (we were playing for a 21st birthday party) the temperature inside began to steadily climb. Rach decided to have a very sudden lie down. No harm done other than a skinned knee thankfully!

Next: Chris. Off we trot to O'Neill's again - a regular haunt for us as I'm sure most of you are aware - but Chris is feeling under the weather. He soldiers bravely on, shivering with full blown man flu, the brave little soldier. Until it comes to The A Team, which is when he decides to turn green (not a good colour unless you're Kermit or The Hulk) and can barely sing for fear he's going to make everyone at the front of the stage hate him very, very much by throwing up on them. Add one more to the 'no lasting harm done, thankfully now recovered' list.

So that's drugs, feinting and vomit. We're left with beetroot.

Beetroot is very healthy (most of the time) as it contains stuff that's good for your heart). It's also used as a colourant for anything from jam to ice cream, and sometimes in ink (that was the science bit. I've never seen it used to stop an entire party though. That takes some skill.

It's a cool September evening and the party's in full swing. A large marquee fills the garden at the back of the house, covering a raised wooden floor. It's well decorated and heated and it's filled with merry makers who are at that warm and fuzzy stage of the evening. The wine is flowing, the food has been gustily consumed and the DJ is now desperately trying to keep people entertained after the best band in the entire universe has finished playing (that's us; pay attention). A few revellers remain on the dance floor, but most are seated around the big round tables which are laden with ice buckets and party nibbles; nuts, crisps, pickles and beetroot (keep your eye on the beetroot).

The music is loud and the lights are dim, but while the band are packing away they become aware of a disturbance near the entrance to the tent. Something has happened, someone has fallen; tripped on the edge of the raised wooden floor on their way into the marquee and crashed into a table at full length, it's contents sliding down upon them. As Pritch moves towards the entrance a certain sense of foreboding descending upon him and he sees Di rise from the wreckage and nods to himself in a resigned fashion: of course. And then something horrible happens. Di raises her arm to wipe her face and in the dim light Pritch can see the broken glass all along the length of her forearm, and the blood. He rushes forward, ignoring Di's claims to be 'all right,' realising that she's in shock and hasn't noticed. He's looking round for Chris, wanting someone to call an ambulance, worrying about Rach and trying to keep Di calm. People have crowded round and it's a babble of voices and loud music.

And thats when the lights come on and the music stops and he can see that it's just beetroot.


Sept 13th
I really shouldn't have left it this long... there's nothing for it but an epic blog update! Right, give me a second to check the calendar so that I can remember what we've been up to...

Wow, it's a lot! Well, here goes.

So, we had just recorded Come On Eileen for Greenwood Studios' Rock Aid CD the last time I updated the blog. Fast forward to August the 13th and we're at Bar Sport in the Premier Suite taking part in a series of events organized by Greenwood for Rock Aid - which was all in support of Birmingham Children's Hospital. A great week, as I'm sure all who took part will agree. From our point of view it was also an opportunity for us to play the first of our very own original tracks, soon to be recorded for our first EP - but I'll tell you more about that later.

Rewind again back to the end of July, as that was a very busy time for the band on the live circuit. The Rock Aid recording was followed closely by gigs at the Fern and Fallow, O'Neill's on Broad Street (again!) and a birthday party at the Ascot Tavern (a great evening, thank you Sam). Remember the Friday opening night of the Olympics? That saw us in O'Neill's yet again (yes, two weeks running) before heading down to the hustle and bustle of the first day of the games themselves in London. We were playing in Canning Town to promote the upcoming Cockney Museum, and we'd practised a new cover especially for the occasion, knowing that the manager of Madness would be there. It was the first opportunity for us to play 'It Must Be Love' which has become a firm favourite with the crowds ever since.

Drawing towards the end of July and we were back at another of our old haunts, the Bridgtown Social Club, for LMAO prodcutions' Cannockfest. We were meant to play for half an hour in the bar, but ended up doing our entire set! Some damn good bands on that day I have to say, most notably our good friends from Battle of the Bands, Speaking In Shadows. The last day of July found us in Birmingham's prestigious Jamhouse performing at Ben Drummond's Acoustic Showcase (If you ever get to see Ben play live you HAVE to go along as he is an amazing musician). Stormed it of course ;)

So, finally in August now...

Our first gig in August took us to The Unicorn Inn in Little Dawley, before a lo-o-o-o-ng trip up the M6 on the Saturday to Carlisle and the Harraby Catholic Club. I think that classes us as covering all of England... An absolutely fantastic wedding the following Saturday (thanks Kate for a great evening!) was then followed by the previously mentioned Rock Aid week and that performance of our debut single - patience, I'm getting there!

Hot on the heels of Rock Aid was Cannock's Party in the Park (Rach asked me which park it would be in, confirming her status as a natural blonde) for which the notorious British weather actually produced a pretty good day! Thanks to Kate at Cannock Council for another great event, as well as Greenwood and Loz for the sound and Ryan for the stage.

Oooooo! And then a real biggy for us...

I should start by offering huge thanks to all who came to see us on this night, most notably Deb and Nick Morris, for their continued support of the band. The event was an audition at The Roadhouse (great venue) in Birmingham for the 2013 Glastonbudget festival. If you don't know what that is Google it and you'll see why this one's so important to us - we REALLY want to play at Glastonbudget! There were five bands playing that night and we had drawn lots and ended up with the last slot of the evening, so we got to see that there was some stiff competition for the event before we'd even played. It should be noted that there were no winners or losers on the night as all 5 bands could potentially play the festival if the judges like them enough. It will depend upon all the bands who play in auditions from now until December - which is when we'll find out if we've been successful or not. I know what I want for Christmas!

The band blazed their way through a half hour set, with the assistance of a fantastic venue and sound system, but most importantly a fantastic sound engineer; Neil Clayton. We're an odd set up and so most sound engineers have never come across anything like us before. It usually takes a few songs until they start to get the feel of it and the sound comes right. Not Neil however; he hit the nail on the head first time both on and off the stage. It's given us our best possible shot at the festival next year, so keep your fingers crossed for us!

We're nearly there now, bear with me ;)

We closed off August by returning to the Fern and Fallow for the UKFS Charity Night (with Sam Hollyman and Wolly Kay) and finally with a massive Saturday night gig at Bridgtown Social club. I know I harp on about it but it's always great to play there as they just bloody love us!

Into September now and the police were knocking on a door in Cheslyn Hay where we we playing in the garden at a 50th birthday party. Thanks Ian and family, who didn't want us to stop playing! And finally we played at the closest venue to our house yet; from Carlisle and London to Woody's Music Bar. Finally playing a gig on the doorstep meant that a lot of friends and family got to see us in action, so it was really good to see so many faces that we knew in the crowd.

I know, I know... I mentioned our own material a couple of times earlier, and I really am getting there, but just before I do let me tell you about what we have coming up.

There are gigs at O'Neill's - not just Broad Street this time, we've also branched out to Moseley - and others at a couple of new venues. Check the gig guide for more details. We're preparing the run up for Christmas so we're rehearsing a bit of Slade (I am most definitely joking about this - we will never play THAT Christmas song). We may have a little Christmas ditty of our very own yet, you never know :)

Which brings us rather neatly onto our original tracks - have I mentioned them yet? ;)

I'm pleased to announce that we have songs ready for recording our first EP, which will be entitled 'People.' No idea when this will be out yet, but what I can give you is the track listing (Facebook followers will already have seen this);

  • 1. Dave (Something More)
  • 2. Sarah (The Waiting Game)
  • 3. Simon (Change The World)
  • 4. Isabel (All My Life)

  • So there it is, we're bang up to date. I hope some of you can make it to our upcoming gigs where you will get to hear a track or two from the list above, and I promise not to leave it so long before the next blog update!


    July 18th
    Time flies when you're having fun.

    I didn't mean to leave it so long before updating you all on our latest antics, sorry! Having said that, in all honesty we don't really do antics. I'm not even sure HOW to do antics. I don't think any band has really done antics since the Monkees who used to antic all over the place. Barely a day would pass in the 60s without someone saying: "Look at those Monkee's anticking again!" To which the Monkees would reply "Actually, we're monkeying around. Get it right please because we put a lot of time and effort into our lyrics. Tut."

    I digress.

    We had just played O'Neill's the last time I blogged at you. As it happens we're about to play it again - we're back there tomorrow, so something must have gone down well! Before that though we've got the Fern and Fallow in Cannock tonight, and after that we've got... I tell you what, seeing as I'm jumping through time like Doctor Who, have a look at the gig guide for now, and save me writing it all down why don't you? Good-o :)

    We played a wedding the week after O'Neill's - many congratulations to the happy couple! In other news, Rachael has been to, and returned from, Italy on an orchestra tour. Sod's law dictated that we were offered a gig for pretty much every day that she was away, which we had to turn down of course. We were asked to do three weddings on the Saturday alone. Tsk. On her return we had a lot of catching up to do, so after she arrived back in town on Friday lunchtime we caught up on some practise and headed off to the Shoal Hill Tavern in Cannock for a gig. We may have been eager to make up for lost time, because we were back in Cannock town centre for Cannock Carnival on Saturday lunchtime, and we were playing an early evening gig at a fashion show in Walsall later that day. Sunday saw us taking part in the previously mentioned Rock Aid recordings, where we met Jay Adkins from Off the Chart Radio - what a thoroughly nice chap! Last night we were back at Hall Lane studios to finish off our recording of Come On Eileen. Thanks Loz :)

    And then there's the big news of the last month... the last time I wrote this blog we were called Band Camp, but now we're Waiting for Susan. Why the change? I hear you ask. And why the name? What happened? Were there complications? Were you breaching a trademark? Was it copyright infringement? Well, if you'll let me get a word in edgeways and stop asking all these questions I'll explain.

    Are you sitting comfortably? Then we'll begin.

    The first part of the story is simple. Google Band Camp and see what you find. It won't be our old website, I promise you, or anything about us at all in fact. Band Camp not only turned out to be a popular band name, but it's also the name of a large overseas company that gives unsigned musicians a place to sell their wares on the internet. That's how I know you won't find our old website. That and the fact that I've taken it down. Further to that we were losing gigs to those who thought we were some kind of comedy act. Imagine! It was cutting down our opportunites. So despite the fact that we were very fond of good old 'Band Camp' (as were a number of you we now know) we decided to take the plunge, so in the words of our old pal Christian, R.I.P. Band Camp, long live Waiting for Susan!

    The name is derived from the fourth potential member of the Band - Chris and Rach's younger sister, and my daughter, whose middle name is Susan. She's only 6 so she's too young for the band yet, which means that in the meantime we're waiting...

    Hopefully we'll see some of you at the upcoming gigs we have ... err ... coming up. We're probably busier than ever in that respect, so there's plenty of opportunity for you to catch up with us. I'll even let you buy me a beer, how's that sound? :)

    Recordings of both the video and audio variety will follow very soon, along with some more band photos. Watch this space! Although if you are really going to watch it don't forget to press refresh on the browser every now and then or you won't see the updates. It will probably be a couple of weeks, so in fact watching this space is probably a bad idea. I take it back, don't do it. Just follow us on Facebook or Twitter, that would be a much better idea.


    June 24th
    Well, it's been a busy week or so!

    Before I get on to anything else, let me say a much belated big thank you to Christian, who I completely missed out of the last round of 'thank yous' and who has probably done more behind the scenes work for Band Camp than anyone else, with the exception of course of Di - Chris and Rach's mum! Thanks both - it's only because you make up the 4th and 5th unseen members of Band Camp that I didn't think to thank you previously.

    Since the last entry Band Camp have been busy bees. We've been in the studio (thanks again to everyone at Greenwood) recording some tracks that should be here on our website very soon, writing our own material (not quite ready yet - watch this space!) and gigging like mad! The most noteworthy of these gigs was undoubtedly Friday 22nd at O'Neill's on Broad Street in Birmingham. We haven't played there before but we hope to be back there in the none too distant future. They know how to party in that place... I swear the pub actually left the ground on more than one occasion, and we played no small part in that of course :) I won't forget a dancefloor full of nuns in a hurry either, although I reckon they weren't real nuns... maybe it was the drinking, the somewhat wanton behaviour, or the attempt to storm the stage and take over the microphone when we played Valerie...

    The following afternoon saw us back in Cannock town centre for Cannock's Family Fun Day; our thanks go to Trevor Santini et al for organising the event. At one point a 7 foot tall Paddington Bear was playing air guitar in front of us, which gave me paws for thought... Rach looked especially happy, and reassured me that this was the real Paddington Bear. I think Chris preferred the nuns.

    We've also pulled in a few more bookings for upcoming months (see the gig guide for further details) ensuring that we're going to be staying busy for the near future as well. There's a few exciting gigs and events in the pipeline, but I'll wait until they're in the bag before I start telling everyone about them. Needless to say, watch this space!

    We've been working hard on new material as well, rounding out our set list with some more classic covers. Amongst the new songs you can find the old party favourite 'Come On Eileen' - not a song we actually chose to do. We're taking part in another charity event organised by Greenwood Studios - 'Rock Aid' - which will feature a full week's calendar of events from August 13th. The whole thing will centre around a CD recorded by 20 local bands, and we're amongst them. Cutting a long story short, following a public vote we ended up with 'Come On Eileen' which I have to admit I was deeply dubious about at first. We tried it out on the O'Neill's crowd on Friday however... and the place erupted!

    And finally (in true Ten O'Clock News fashion) you can now find us on the Brian Yeates website. Exciting times!


    June 14th
    We're launching Band Camp's blog today, provided for those of you who like to follow our exploits in a little more detail than Facebook allows. I'll begin by bringing you up to date on what's happened to the band in recent weeks - since we started up basically! It's eventful, so make yourself comfy. Feel free to skip the parts that you know, but be aware that there will be a test afterwards.

    So, right from the beginning then...


    March saw the birth of Band Camp. It started in our lounge in Staffordshire. I don't actually remember whose idea it was, but Chris had been playing and singing at local pubs, clubs and parties with a friend, when Pritch (me) - still learning to play his shiny new mandolin - started to join in when Chris was practising. A few harmonies followed as well, and we asked Rach to see if she could do the guitar solo on her violin. She did it with a straight face after learning it for roughly 4.7 seconds. And just like that, Band Camp was born.

    Yes, everyone asks about the name. Suffice to say that Rach, who plays in approximately 7 billion orchestras, was forever telling us about "This one time, in orchestra..." I may be paraphrasing her of course, but you get the idea. We never expected to be using the name in public, but by the time we did we were kind of used to it... We're quite fond of it now. It's unusual, and at first it raises eyebrows... much like the band itself! In short, it fits.*

    There were open mic sessions at local pubs; most notably The Barns in Cannock, The Shoal Hill Tavern in Cannock and The Royal Oak in Kings Bromley. We went through those normal, cringe-worthy moments that every new band has where you're not as prepared as you thought you were, and then very suddenly it all came together, heads started turning and we were getting compliments. We were actually being asked to go back and play properly, with people listening and everything. Wow!

    And then Chris was asked by a friend if he would come along to watch the friend's band play in a Battle of the Bands contest hosted by Greenwood Studios at the Bridgtown Social Club. Chris was having none of this watching business and wanted to enter Band Camp. I have to admit I tried to put him off. A big contest full of rock bands? We will stand out like a sore thumb. In hindsight, perhaps that was part of the appeal... We won our heats on May 23rd and went on to win the final on the 25th!

    What followed was somewhat bewildering at first. The compliments were a surprise, they still are. Our calendar filled rapidly. The following week we were playing in Cannock Town Centre and also in Hednesford Park as part of the jubilee celebrations. We've played gigs in gardens, pubs and weddings, and more are booked for the future. It's strange to think that it was only three or four weeks ago. I'll post more recent events in seperate updates, for those of you out there who don't want to read the fine print, but I feel it's only fair that I say thanks to a few people who have been supportive so far.

    First of all, Pete, Kenyon and Al at Greenwood who have put a lot of time and effort into Band Camp, and continue to do so. Even if the worst happened and the whole thing stopped today, Battle of the Bands has catapulted us this far already. Thanks guys. In a similar vein, Deb Morris has also been hugely supportive in helping to get us gigs and contacts. Thanks Deb! Chloe Avon from Dream Street is also working tirelessly behind the scenes to promote Band Camp. Thank you Chloe!

    Thanks to Bron, Ken and Beck Gosling of Beckeny fame, and all of our friends who have come along to see us play. Be honest, some of you even enjoyed it. A special mention here should go to Get Knotted MCC who have been unexpected followers of Band Camp, adding to the confused look on many faces when a group of bikers turned up to the final of Battle of the Bands to see us, despite all the rock bands who were playing that night!

    Bridgtown Social Club, staff and regulars, should also get a mention for all of their support - and bookings! We've already had one memorable gig there and we're looking forward to returning at the end of August. Thanks also to John at The Shoal Hill Tavern and to Si who runs the open mic there on the first and third Thursday of the month. Check it out if you get the chance, there are some really good acts there, and we still pop down when we can.

    On top of all of this thank you to Speaking in Shadows (awesome band), Doug Smith and the Cannock Lions Club, Trevor Santini, The Friends of Hednesford Park and all of the pubs, clubs, weddings, gardens and events we've played in, at or on in recent weeks!

    I'm amazed you made it this far! Well done! Right. I'm off to get a T-shirt with "FFS - IT'S A MANDOLIN" printed on it.


    *If it still doesn't make sense, watch American Pie.