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3 voices and 18 strings; Waiting for Susan (Chris, Rach and Ian) are a unique, refreshing three-piece folk-pop group featuring guitar, violin and mandolin beautifully interwoven with three part harmonies throughout. As well as singing the beguiling, story-telling tracks they write themselves, Waiting for Susan take songs that everyone knows and loves – the latest, biggest tunes as well as much loved modern classics – and add a twist or two of their own creating a singular sound that leaves a lasting impression.

Hailing from Staffordshire, they are a family band (Ian is Chris and Rach's step-father) who simply love to play music. After deciding to see what the public thought of the music they'd been playing at home, Waiting for Susan began touring locally. They were delighted by the reception that they received, and more gigs quickly followed.

In May 2012 after being invited to watch a friend's band play in a ‘Battle of the Bands’ contest Chris decided he’d rather join in and entered Waiting for Susan (who at the time were using the name Band Camp). Much to their surprise they won their heat, and much to their amazement two days later they won the final, becoming champions of Battle of the Bands 2012. Less than a year after playing their first open-mic night the band successfully auditioned for the renowned Glastonbudget music festival, where they appeared in 2013, 2014 and 2015. Many other festivals followed, and continue to do so!

Waiting for Susan perform their own gigs, weddings, parties, public and private events, fashion shows, pubs, clubs and festivals. The added bonus is that Waiting for Susan are also able to perform completely ‘unplugged’ should the occasion require it.

And who is Susan? She’s Chris and Rach’s little sister; Ian’s daughter. The band are waiting for her to be old enough to join them...

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Chris Collins
Guitar, vocals

Chris, 24, smoothly takes lead vocals in Waiting for Susan while laying down the chords on his guitar. He began his musical career as the frontman in an AC/DC covers band (?!) at the tender age of 13, and went on to teach himself guitar, eventually performing locally with a friend as an acoustic duo before WfS was formed.

Rach Collins
Violin, drum, tambourine, vocals

Rach, 21, is the real musician of the band. Classically trained on violin she passed her grade 8 exam with distinction. She's also an accomplished pianist and can sometimes be heard playing the ukelele in Waiting for Susan. With the addition of her tambourine, drum and - last but not least - vocal skills Rach is the most versatile member of the band.

Ian Pritchard (Pritch)
Mandolin, guitar, vocals

Pritch, 42, is the song writer in Waiting for Susan. He has been playing guitar, bass guitar and singing in bands for over 20 years. A lifelong Wonder Stuff fan, he has always wanted to play mandolin. He finally bought one in early 2012, encouraged Rach to join in with him and Chris and the rest, as they say, is history.